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Just be careful, increase it too much and it becomes a negative carryweight. Generally I use fortify carryweight enchantments on my gloves and boots (carry a spare pair unitl you get the dual enchantment perk) and the steed stone, since I am generally wary of using console commands, they can break your game if used unwisely. This is a toggle command, so to turn god mode off, just run the command again.. Type "player.modav carryweight 400" into console, the 400 can be any number and that is the amount it will add to your carry weight. I have 200k currently only picking up items that are worth 10x their weight in gold. 2018/08/13. Skyrim - How to Change Carry-Weight with Commands . Small explanation on how to get an easy 200 weight to carry around in Skyrim , setting your total on 500 your stamina 10.
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